Unstrung Racquets is a tennis club devoted to providing a venue for the tennis enjoyment of tennis players in the Valley of the Sun. The main objective is to maintain a consistent level of play so the events will be enjoyable to the majority of our members. The format is a social mix as opposed to tournament play. After each half hour, players will change partners for the opportunity to play with different partners.


Unstrung Racquets is a unique club that has been successfully operated for over twenty years and is the major group in the Valley for social tennis players. The format is simple. Show up, sign-in, play tennis, then join the group for refreshments afterwards, if you so desire.


We, the Board of Unstrung Racquets, are committed to providing a venue for the “ tennis players” in the Valley. By maintaining a solid “B” (3.5) and above membership, good tennis is provided for the greater number of players. We offer a social type of tennis as opposed to tournament play. The format is neither designed to attract the tournament player nor able to accommodate the beginner. Open Tennis, held on Friday and Sunday, is “Drop In” tennis. That means you arrive, sign in, and are assigned to a court. We play for two hours. After each half hour, winners on each court will move up a court and losers will move down, split and play. This procedure provides the opportunity to play with numerous partners and competition.


Our goal is to offer an enjoyable consistent level of play at Open tennis for all Unstrung members and guests in hopes that not only will they choose to participate in our other activities (tournaments, parties, trips) but also form many lasting friendships.